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September 28, 2009
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It doesn’t take much to sell someone on the idea of coming to London – it’s such an exciting and varied place, with so much to see. Despite the aforementioned museums, some of which are free, the rest of the must-see sights can quickly add up in cost for the prospective visitor. Luckily there is a clever way of saving on the sightseeing, and making the crowds a lot less overbearing too.

The London Pass is a special ticket which gives you entry to dozens of sights around the capital, from the Tower of London to Windsor Castle and more! A typical 6-day pass can save you more than £400 on entry fees, so for the keen sightseer it’s a no-brainer. Along with the pass you get a thick guidebook introducing the sights (no need to buy your own guidebooks at each of the places) and best of all, you get to skip the queues at the most popular attractions such as Kensington Palace and London Zoo!

Here’s a little insider tip from a Londoner for those who are looking to buy the London Pass for their trip here. Make sure you use this London Pass Promotional Code when you the Pass, and you’ll get a further 10% off!

Have a great trip to our Capital!


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Welcome to London’s Burning

September 28, 2009
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Nope, this new blog has nothing to do with either arsonists or medieval history (so no mention of the Great Fire of London). Instead the idea is to put across to prospective visitors how great my hometown of LONDON is! LDN as Lily Allen calls it is so HOT at the moment (not in temperature terms!) that it’s burning… hence the name… there’s the Olympics coming up in a few years, loads of decent exhibitions going on – many of the museums are free, more on that later – and a thrumming nightlife that never sleeps (even if the Tube does).

So if you’re looking for a place to visit, for history, to work, for nightlife, for culture, for language… all many of reasons… some to my hometown of London!

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